Tea at the Zoo

# 005 | Escape to Mars

It’s Tuesday May 20 2014, and today we’re happy to present to you the 5th TEA at the ZOO already – gosh, time is flying! Feels like we’re growing, hell yeah! Today’s featured DJ is Escape to Mars from Modul, Zero2Nine | Berlin. We had the chance to meet him at the beginning of the year, and after our first Animal Instinct Podcast w/ deKai he passed along one of his first sets. We instantly fell in love with his music, and still are!

Being one of the lucky people who were born and raised in the glorious city of Berlin, Escape to Mars’ first memorable techno experience took place very classically at Tresor Club, a legendary Berlin techno institution. He was intrigued by the DJs, their interactions with the crowd, about how the club is run, the music – basically everything. Ever since, his fascination for anything connected to techno keeps growing every day.

Escape to Mars started DJing in 2010, at the tender age of just seventeen. Like most of the young DJs nowadays, his first equipment was a, let’s say, „affordable“ MIDI controller. However, the older he gets the more he acquires a taste for the real thing: CDs (preferentially the CDJ-850 from Pioneer) and especially Vinyl. Just as you would expect it from a great DJ, he is more and more able to spin the decks on a variety of media.

One great day for Escape to Mars was when he got the chance to play at Tresor Club, the venue where the magic began to unfold for him. But, as he admitted to us, this was not even his favorite gig so far. He loves playing the closing set, and this is what he did at the old RAW Tempel (Berlin): „The atmosphere was just insane! I’ll never forget these moments!“

Just like his name implies, Escape to Mars tries to provide the audience with a chance to escape the normal world for a couple of hours, leaving sorrows and troubles behind. The first record he ever bought was Subzero by Ben Klock, the most current one was Eclipse by Psyk. His idol is DVS1, when it comes to mixing, however, instead of other artists, his sounds are mainly inspired by his own feelings.

Make sure to check out Escape from Mars’ sound on his current & upcoming releases such as Apollo (Wall Music) and a brand-new EP for the label Graphene. Catch him playing one of his hijacking sets: Saturday May 5 at Bootsparty Berlin and Grießmühle Berlin, Or Friday June 6 in Béi Chéz Heinz Hannover (Nimmerland #8 w/ Johannes Hillmer). And don’t forget to return to planet earth after your Escape to Mars!

– Larry



Tea at the Zoo

# 004 | Jchn B.

It’s Wednesday April 16 2014 – this is the fourth TEA at the ZOO! Today, we are proud to present one of our very own DJs for the first time: say Hi to Jchn B. from Klangtrauma | Paderborn.

Like deKai, Jchn B. joined TEA at the ZOO as part of the first Animal Instinct Event at Hirsch Club (Nuremberg) in October 2013. Ever since he has become an appreciated member of our indeed young & foolish family.

However, Jchn B.´s history with TEA at the ZOO dates back way further. Just like bluscreen, another DJ of the TEA at the ZOO family, he spent most of his childhood in Brilon, a small town in the province of North Rhine-Westphalia. And it was bluscreen who taught Jchn B. how to work the turntables back in 2009. Or like he puts it: „bluscreen is the one that spoiled me“

Ever since, Jchn B. is in love with music – and with his DJ equipment as well! „Even if someone spills beer on my Technics 1210 MK5 turntables, they just won’t stop running“, he told us. „And don’t forget the Allen & Heath Xone 92 with its 4-band EQ. The sound produced by their two filters is massive! Better than sex!“

Following his first gig at Flagship Club (Rüthen) where he quickly became resident DJ, Jchn B. has played gigs at Butan (Wuppertal), Panoptikum (Kassel) including a residency at Beatboutiqe Cassel, Hirsch Club (Nuremberg) and many more. But undoubtedly, he played his favourite gig at the Unite Festival last year. You ask why? „Well, their soundsystem had more power than a MiG-25 jet“, he says.

Jchn B.’s Techno sound can be characterized as dark, dirty, intriguing. One moment it’s perfect just to listen to it, the next it invites you to completely freak out, no matter what. Jchn B.’s style is also based on great DJ skills. It’s not by chance that he admires Jeff Mills, a real vinyl artist who is able to align the vinyl without 2 seconds passing.

Catch Jchn B. playing one of his uncompromising sets: Sunday April 20 at Mad Club (Soest), Wednesday May 28 at Lichtwerk (Schmallenberg), Saturday Jul 05 at White Stone – Summer Feelings (Bad Arolsen).

– Larry


Tea at the Zoo

# 003 | Patrick Arbez [Live]

It’s Tuesday March 18 2014 – this is the third TEA at the ZOO! Today we are very excited to present Patrick Arbez from Vi Två Records | Berlin to you. He is the first live act in our young series of podcasts, and he has brought the hell of a set for us. Of course, that didn’t come as a surprise as we have discovered his sounds at Magdalena (Berlin) earlier this year.

Born in Henningsdorf near Berlin, his uncle, a musician, inspired him to become a musician himself in 1995. Since then, Patrick Arbez has travelled a long musical journey until 4 years ago, when he decided to specialize on Live Acts only. For those, he uses a laptop, novation remute sl and a variety of Virtual Studio Technologies.

Beside his residency at Unsichtbar, a celebrated Techno Club in Saarbrücken, Patrick Arbez gets booked by renowned Clubs all over Germany, like Tresor (Berlin), Magdalena (Berlin), Panoptikum (Kassel), Finca (Stuttgart), Juicy Club (Hamburg), and many more. His last gig at Magdalena (Berlin), was one of his all time favourites. “There“, he told us, “everything was just right.“ And let us assure you – it was!

In early 2014 Patrick released his second Album (Treibstoff – Vi Två Records) which went straight into the Beatport Top 100. And he keeps himself busy: two new vinyl releases on Delude Records are already under construction.

Patrick Arbez is always trying to build his very own, memorable sound. His style could be described best as a mix of dark minimal and melodic techno, although he is experimenting beyond genres as well. At the moment, he gets inspired by drum n bass, a style that has always fascinated him. If it fits, he will release something under a different alias.

Catch Patrick Arbez playing one of his bleak, dry, and shoving live sets: Friday April 18 at Magdalena (Berlin), Sunday April 20 at Gladhouse (Cottbus), Saturday April 26 & Friday May 02 at Arena Club (Berlin), Friday May 09 at ESP (Stassfurt), Saturday May 17 at Panzerwerk (Ziesar), Saturday May 24 at Unsichtbar (Saarbrücken).

– Larry


Tea at the Zoo

# 002 | Andrejko

It’s Wednesday February 19 2014 – this is the second TEA at the ZOO, featuring Andrejko, resident for the Sunday morning force at Stattbad | Berlin! The Stattbad is also the place, where the Berlin born and based, Andrejko convinced us of his sound.

Andrejko started Djing three years ago at the age of 24, when he worked at the Club Villa in Berlin and he had to fill in for DJs who cancelled on short notice.

The Stattbad is also his favorite location at the moment. It’s a former indoor swimming pool in Berlin-Wedding transformed to club and an arts centre. It’s precisely there where Andrejko always finds himself among like-minded people and friends. Especially his closing sets often go on for hours without noticing time or surroundings.

Andrejko is a computer DJ. He mainly uses tractor with a controller and rarely vinyl. Sure, it was much easier to access music and the public performance as a computer DJ. However, he certainly won’t start the discussion vinyl versus digital at this point, which not only annoys him.

He gave little to no attention to produce tracks. Except for a few gimmickry exists insofar nothing worth mentioning. But that should change in the near future.

As a passionate car driver, Andrejko uses the time that he needs to commute to work or wherever he breaks forth to listen to lots of things: podcasts, interviews, and just simply techno. Techno sometimes even has a meditative edge for him. He also kicks it at parties and gets lots of inspiring input by numerous artists.

Catch Andrejko playing one of his deep and driving sets: Saturday March 29 at Stattbad Berlin (Stattnacht w/ Rebekah, Dadub), or Saturday, May 4 at Kosmonaut Berlin.

– Larry


Tea at the Zoo

# 001 | DeKai

It’s Thursday Jan 16th 2014 – this is the first TEA at the ZOO this year, featuring deKai from Kiddaz.FM | Berlin! deKai joined TEA at the ZOO at the first Animal Instinct Event at Hirsch Club Nuremberg in October 2013 where he more than just convinced us as well as the audience by smashing his clean, flinty sound on the floor.

Ingoldstadt born deKai decided to become a DJ himself after a party at OM Club Madrid in 2004. It blew him away how DJs pumped up the crowd. “Against house music and for more techno on the floors” is what he wants to teach the world ever since. Kai became “deKai” and started his tour through the Bavarian scene.

Following numerous bookings in clubs as Palais Munich, Das schwarze Schaf Augsburg, Klanghaus Erlangen, Suite 15 Regensburg and many more, deKai eventually moved to Berlin in 2009, having one goal in mind: driving the German capital into ecstasy!

After becoming resident at Magdalena Club, one of the most celebrated clubs in Berlin, people fell in love with his massive and long sets. Meanwhile you will find him behind the decks in other distinguished Berlin clubs such as Tresor, Golden Gate, Arena Club and Sisyphos.

deKai is head of Ragnarök, a new sublabel of Kiddaz.FM where he got signed in November 2011. His philosophy of life: “rather dead and cool than alive and not cool!”, his music: hard, pushing and sometimes falling for deep “ghost train techno”.

Catch deKai at playing one of his oppressive and hard sets: Friday Jan 24th at Arena, Berlin (Ein Herz für Hänger Playtime 2-4) and Magdalena Club (Playtime 6 till End), Saturday Feb 22nd at Tresor Berlin (Kiddaz & Kanzlernacht).

– Larry