Tea at the Zoo

# 004 | Jchn B.

It’s Wednesday April 16 2014 – this is the fourth TEA at the ZOO! Today, we are proud to present one of our very own DJs for the first time: say Hi to Jchn B. from Klangtrauma | Paderborn.

Like deKai, Jchn B. joined TEA at the ZOO as part of the first Animal Instinct Event at Hirsch Club (Nuremberg) in October 2013. Ever since he has become an appreciated member of our indeed young & foolish family.

However, Jchn B.´s history with TEA at the ZOO dates back way further. Just like bluscreen, another DJ of the TEA at the ZOO family, he spent most of his childhood in Brilon, a small town in the province of North Rhine-Westphalia. And it was bluscreen who taught Jchn B. how to work the turntables back in 2009. Or like he puts it: „bluscreen is the one that spoiled me“

Ever since, Jchn B. is in love with music – and with his DJ equipment as well! „Even if someone spills beer on my Technics 1210 MK5 turntables, they just won’t stop running“, he told us. „And don’t forget the Allen & Heath Xone 92 with its 4-band EQ. The sound produced by their two filters is massive! Better than sex!“

Following his first gig at Flagship Club (Rüthen) where he quickly became resident DJ, Jchn B. has played gigs at Butan (Wuppertal), Panoptikum (Kassel) including a residency at Beatboutiqe Cassel, Hirsch Club (Nuremberg) and many more. But undoubtedly, he played his favourite gig at the Unite Festival last year. You ask why? „Well, their soundsystem had more power than a MiG-25 jet“, he says.

Jchn B.’s Techno sound can be characterized as dark, dirty, intriguing. One moment it’s perfect just to listen to it, the next it invites you to completely freak out, no matter what. Jchn B.’s style is also based on great DJ skills. It’s not by chance that he admires Jeff Mills, a real vinyl artist who is able to align the vinyl without 2 seconds passing.

Catch Jchn B. playing one of his uncompromising sets: Sunday April 20 at Mad Club (Soest), Wednesday May 28 at Lichtwerk (Schmallenberg), Saturday Jul 05 at White Stone – Summer Feelings (Bad Arolsen).

– Larry