Tea at the Zoo

# 002 | Andrejko

It’s Wednesday February 19 2014 – this is the second TEA at the ZOO, featuring Andrejko, resident for the Sunday morning force at Stattbad | Berlin! The Stattbad is also the place, where the Berlin born and based, Andrejko convinced us of his sound.

Andrejko started Djing three years ago at the age of 24, when he worked at the Club Villa in Berlin and he had to fill in for DJs who cancelled on short notice.

The Stattbad is also his favorite location at the moment. It’s a former indoor swimming pool in Berlin-Wedding transformed to club and an arts centre. It’s precisely there where Andrejko always finds himself among like-minded people and friends. Especially his closing sets often go on for hours without noticing time or surroundings.

Andrejko is a computer DJ. He mainly uses tractor with a controller and rarely vinyl. Sure, it was much easier to access music and the public performance as a computer DJ. However, he certainly won’t start the discussion vinyl versus digital at this point, which not only annoys him.

He gave little to no attention to produce tracks. Except for a few gimmickry exists insofar nothing worth mentioning. But that should change in the near future.

As a passionate car driver, Andrejko uses the time that he needs to commute to work or wherever he breaks forth to listen to lots of things: podcasts, interviews, and just simply techno. Techno sometimes even has a meditative edge for him. He also kicks it at parties and gets lots of inspiring input by numerous artists.

Catch Andrejko playing one of his deep and driving sets: Saturday March 29 at Stattbad Berlin (Stattnacht w/ Rebekah, Dadub), or Saturday, May 4 at Kosmonaut Berlin.

– Larry