Tea at the Zoo

# 001 | DeKai

It’s Thursday Jan 16th 2014 – this is the first TEA at the ZOO this year, featuring deKai from Kiddaz.FM | Berlin! deKai joined TEA at the ZOO at the first Animal Instinct Event at Hirsch Club Nuremberg in October 2013 where he more than just convinced us as well as the audience by smashing his clean, flinty sound on the floor.

Ingoldstadt born deKai decided to become a DJ himself after a party at OM Club Madrid in 2004. It blew him away how DJs pumped up the crowd. “Against house music and for more techno on the floors” is what he wants to teach the world ever since. Kai became “deKai” and started his tour through the Bavarian scene.

Following numerous bookings in clubs as Palais Munich, Das schwarze Schaf Augsburg, Klanghaus Erlangen, Suite 15 Regensburg and many more, deKai eventually moved to Berlin in 2009, having one goal in mind: driving the German capital into ecstasy!

After becoming resident at Magdalena Club, one of the most celebrated clubs in Berlin, people fell in love with his massive and long sets. Meanwhile you will find him behind the decks in other distinguished Berlin clubs such as Tresor, Golden Gate, Arena Club and Sisyphos.

deKai is head of Ragnarök, a new sublabel of Kiddaz.FM where he got signed in November 2011. His philosophy of life: “rather dead and cool than alive and not cool!”, his music: hard, pushing and sometimes falling for deep “ghost train techno”.

Catch deKai at playing one of his oppressive and hard sets: Friday Jan 24th at Arena, Berlin (Ein Herz für Hänger Playtime 2-4) and Magdalena Club (Playtime 6 till End), Saturday Feb 22nd at Tresor Berlin (Kiddaz & Kanzlernacht).

– Larry