Tea at the Zoo

# 022 | Mike Wall

It’s Tuesday October 26 2015 – this is the twenty-second TEA at the ZOO and we’re featuring Berlin based DJ, Producer, Promoter and Label manager, Mike Wall from Wall Music. So open your ears and hark to what he plays and has to say:

Could you tell us a little about your background, where you’re from and where are you living most of time? I was born in 1983 in Neustrelitz, Mecklenburg, East Germany. For 10 years now I’ve been living in Berlin and I love it 🙂

Where your love for electronic music did begin and why did you start DJing? That was in 1997. The first Fusion Festival took place in the area where I lived. I saw Green Velvet playing destination unknown. This music has captivated and inspired me so much. My first turntables I bought in 1999. I was working in a nuclear power plant for almost 8 weeks during my Holidays.

Which equipment/set up is your favorite and why? At the moment I try out new ways. I’ve been playing a few years mainly with two CDJs & one turntable or three CDJs etc. The feeling of doing more than one chip processor prepares a lot of fun to me. I’m flexible and that gives my sets a certain note.

How would you describe your music? To judge for themselves. Not easy. I would say, that I like very much loopy driving techno with Chords and much melancholy. Everything else should be judged by others.

Who are your idols? I am a very big fan of Speedy J., but Ludovico Einaudi is also great. There are so many good artists. It’s hard to really define. My taste is rotating, every month it’s an other.

Where do you get your inspiration? All ascendancies around me influenced me and my thoughts and my actions. This again, is reflected in my music.

What was the first vinyl you bought? Underground Poetry with Phunkey Rhythm Doctor aka Cari Lekebusch – Mad Poet (1997).

What was the last vinyl you bought? Ha, that is easy… it was the old Album from Abdullah Rashim on Northern Structures from 2014 – Unanimity 2×12″.

Do you have any residencies? Yes and I am also quite proud. I play for 6 years in Suicide Circus Berlin. I call it my Berlin living room. [smile]

Where was your first gig? That is really hard to say. Can you count your first appearances on this? Otherwise, it was for the U-site people from Lärz in 1999 in the Tubebox, the area from the legendary Fusion Festival.

Tell us a bit about what it’s like when you’re a few minutes away from coming on and playing your first track? Then I’ll be very focused. Try to arrange the moment with me. You can hear that in my sets. I’m trying to define my line for this moment, as an entertainer.

Where did like it the most to DJ and why? That is hard to say. Each locality has its own charm and its own character. It is great fun to play in the Netherlands, or in many German clubs. So I can not really define it.

What was the funniest/craziest thing that happened on a gig? Some things you should always keep to yourselve. It was very funny.

Upcoming gigs? There will be some. 07.11.2015: Pratersauna, Vienna, Austria 13.11.2015: Suicide Circus Night, 262 Club, Genoa, Italy 20.11.2015: RAH #2, Griesmühle, Berlin, Germany More will follow in Munich, Cologne, Copenhagen, Paris ect.

Are there any upcoming releases or recently released stuff? In the near future a new vinyl will be released on my own label. Another vinyl will be released on Plastico Duro, Reloading Recordings and on Blackbrook Limited. There is an EP on Berlin Underground and one on Ausnahmezustand. And also some fresh remixes are on their way.

What are you plans for the future? Easy, spending a lot of time with my family. Traveling much more. Staying healthy and continues to have the chance to play on many more clubs on the world.

What is your favorite animal? Axolot 🙂

Try to catch Mike Wall playing one of his loopy, melancholy driven techno sets; it was a pleasure doing the interview with this sympathetic artist and a pleaser listening to his set. And don’t forget to say hello from us!

– Larry

www.facebook.com/mikewallberlin www.facebook.com/Wallmusicberlin www.facebook.com/wallsevent www.facebook.com/SuicideCircus-Berlin-123646714361799/ www.soundcloud.com/wallbrother