Tea at the Zoo

# 021 | Jaade

It’s Wednesday October 7 2015 – this is the twenty first TEA at the ZOO and we’re featuring Jaade from Cologne. So open your ears and hark to what she plays and has to say:

Could you tell us a little about your background, where you’re from and where are you living most of time? Well, I’m a native Persian but my parents and I moved to Germany when I was 9 months old. Since then we have been living near Cologne, which is a lovely and really great city.

Where did your love for electronic music begin and why did you start DJing? My passion for electronic music began 2009 when I heard some house and electro tunes. This passion and love grew after I visited a techno club for the first time in 2012. The whole atmosphere had caught my soul and I was totally in love with the sounds. Techno is a different world and you can close your eyes and escape to a magical place. I started DJing because it’s fun to mix some different tunes together and let them become one for a while; it’s also an effective medicine if you’re in a bad mood.

Which equipment/set up is your favorite and why? As I began in March 2014 I tried some different equipment. At the beginning my equipment were two cheap turntables which I used for nearly 8 months to learn some basic stuff. After that I brought a S4 controller from NI which I used only for 2 months because I didn’t like it. And since December 2014 I use CDJ’s, two 900Nexus with an Allen & Heath DB2. I really love them. The handling with the CDJ’s is really nice and the pitch faders are long enough to be able to beat match correctly. The S4 just works with Traktor and I didn’t want to take notebook with me every time I have a gig. Additionally the jog wheels and pitch faders were too small.

How would you describe your music? The music I play is somehow dark but at the same time there is some melodic stuff included. For me it’s important that the track is floating and has movement.

Who are your idols? I don’t have any idols. I just have some Artists who music I like. For example: Niereich, Matt Mus, Luix Spectrum, Lukas Freudenberger.

Where do you get your inspiration? My podcasts sound differently depending on my mood.

What was the first vinyl you bought? Manic Brother – Hidden Mantis

What was the last vinyl you bought? Len Faki – Sound Associates

Do you have any residencies? Well, I’m going to work with Ambulance Club Cologne and Warehouse Club Cologne

Where was your first gig? My first Gig was in „Elektroküche Köln“ in March 2015.

Tell us a bit about what it’s like when you’re a few minutes away from coming on and playing your first track? First I am very excited, but after I started to play the first track all my excitement disappears. It’s like magic.

Are there any upcoming releases or recently released stuff? I’m working on that, but I have no exact release date.

What are you plans for the future? So first to become a basic school teacher and work with children. And regarding music I wants to collect experience and reach many people.

What is your favorite animal? I love lions, they are the best animals <3

Try to catch Jaade playing one of her deep and melodic techno sets. You got the chance on the 9th of October at Sound Contrast at Spirit Club, Primasens or on the 17th at Sonnenfinsternis at Elektroküche, Colone; it was a pleasure doing the interview with her and a pleaser listening to her set. And don’t forget to say hello from us!

– Larry

www.facebook.com/JaadeTechno/ www.soundcloud.com/jaadetechno/