Tea at the Zoo

# 011 | SaraMé

It’s Thursday November 27, 2014 – this is the eleventh TEA at the ZOO and today we’ll please your ears with a set by Sara from Gotec, Lost in Time | Karlsruhe, Berlin! She truly impressed us when she joined the Animal Instinct Colony earlier this year and rocked the floor at Morena Bar, the epicenter of May Day celebrations in Berlin/ Kreuzberg! Well, it’s no surprise we wanted her for our Podcast – now we finally got her! Turn up the volume, enjoy her marvellous set and read what she says:

Where are you from? I was born in the Black Forest but the last couple of years I spent in Karlsruhe in southern Germany.

Where are you living most of your time? I moved to Berlin meanwhile.

When and why did you start DJing? Pretty early on my first parties I realized that music and the art of Djing sparked my interest a lot more than dancing. During my teenage years I was already hooked on music. I had to entertain my friends mercilessly. I installed a mirror ball and a stroboscope in my room and changed it into my own private disco – to my parents‘ great discomfort [laughter]. Quite soon, Sven Väth’s old mixtapes sparked my enthusiasm for electronic music.

Which equipment/set up is your favorite and why? In 2008 I started Djing with vinyl only. After a short interlude on traktor scratch I meanwhile recovered and will play only with CDJs or Vinyls in the future.

How would you describe your music? I find a great share of my track selection in the areas of deep Techno and Techhouse. More minimalistic and groovy pieces bring some variety and energy into the sets. Very often you’ll also hear my love to Acid and Dubhouse. It’s always the vibe that decides what I’ll put on the turns, so every set is shaped differently. They always have a big dose of technosoul in them.

Where do you get your inspiration? There are a lot of good artists who always inspire me and drag me into the clubs. Especially here in Berlin many well-known artists influenced me over the past year. Omar-S’s last set at Panorama Bar was magnificient, for example. However, there are also friends and colleagues who have always accompanied me and will do so in future.

What was the first vinyl you bought? Poooh, I really have to think know [laughter], I bought a whole bunch of vinyls but one of them I remember in particular. It was a playful House release: Afefe Iku – Mirror Dance, released in 2008 on Secretsundaze.

What was the last vinyl you bought? That was the Spatial Resonance EP by Prea Timpu on Moral Fiber Ltd. and U-More – Dawn in Down/The Shaft on Cabaret.

Do you have any residencies? I’m a resident from the “Lost In Time” – Collective

Where was your first gig? My first gig was in 2008 in some club in southern Germany.

What are you plans for the future? Since I have moved to Berlin quite recently, it´s about getting all kinds of gigs for me. I will have to fight my way through the urban jungle for a while now. In the end not every contact proves to be helpful. Nevertheless I have a bright outlook, because if you want something and you love it you must get it [laughter]!

What is your favorite animal? One of my favorite animals is the peacock. It’s so proud and beautiful! It represents immortality and resurrection, too. So no matter where you stand in life, you should never stop trying, always get back on your feet and follow your goals!

Try to catch Sara playing one of her deep and groovy sets live and don´t forget to say hello from us!

– Larry

https://www.facebook.com/sara.official https://soundcloud.com/sara-music-official https://www.facebook.com/lostintime.kollektiv https://soundcloud.com/lostintime-kollektiv