Tea at the Zoo

# 009 | Anonyme Existenz

It’s Tuesday, Sep 23, 2014 – this is the 9th TEA at the ZOO! Today we are welcoming Anonyme Existenz from B55 Rec., Concepto Hipnotico | Bielefeld. He also is a resident DJ at our befriended Eventyeries Klangtrauma | Arnsberg. It was really nice interviewing this 19 year young talent and listening to his driving set afterwards.

Where are you from?
I come from a small town, which is located near Bielefeld where I was born and raised and currently still live.

Where are you doing most of your time?
At the moment I’m actually spending most of the time in the studio at home and working on many different projects. In particular, the work on my live performance requires much time and patience.

When and why did you start DJing?
I started Djing when I was 14 years old, a friend of mine showed it to me and I immediately had fun doing it. Over the course of time I started making music mainly to express my style and personality.

Which equipment/set up is your favorite and why?
For DJing clearly two Technics 1210 mk2 turntables and a simple mixer. Playing vinyl is unique and with time you get a special bond with your records.

How would you discribe your music?
My music can be described as something being technoid and experimental, which is indeed dark, but not evil. My motto is, be different, express what‘s in you, and follow no rules. There are no „but there’s no way …“

Who are your idols?
I have no idols. For that I am working too much with my own personality. But Artists I really appreciate, are people like Shifted or Samuel Kerridge.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
From everything I experience and had experienced. Every sound, every moment can bring valuable ideas. A place where I am where i’m very inspired in particularly is the forest.

What was the last vinyl you bought?
My last one was the Ground EP from ANFS on Modal Analysis.

Do you have any residencies?
Yes, I have an residencie at the Klangtrauma events.

Where was your first gig?
My first Gig was in a small club in Bielefeld called Level.

Where did like it the most to DJ and why?
Important is the atmosphere in a club. I had great events with Klangtrauma but I also liked to play in Münster at Hawerkamp.

Are there any upcoming releases or recently released stuff?
Oh, yes. There are a lot upcoming releases. In the next month’s I will release 4 or 5 EP’s and I’m going to release them on labels like Soluxion Rec. and Concepto Hipnotico.

Catch Anonyme Existenz on one of his gigs and listen to one of his experimental sets where he tells you yomething about his experiences! We at Animal Instinct are indeed very much looking forward to hearing a lot more from this nice fellow!

– Larry