Tea at the Zoo

# 006 | Lino Hirte

It’s Thursday June 26 2014 – This is the sixth TEA at the ZOO! Today we are featuring Lino Hirte from Ragnarök | Berlin. He is another young and upcoming Techno talent who was brought to us by deKai the head of Ragnarök, whom we featured earlier this year. We are very happy release this nice piece of work here as our Podcast.

20 years ago Lino was born right into a fast changing City, the capital of techno music. Growing up in Berlin with a djing Father, there was no way around it, he had to become a DJ himself. So 3 years ago, in the tender age of 17, he started to spin the vinyl by himself and he is doing it good. Preferably he is doing it on Technics and a pair of CDJ-2000 from Pioneer.

Lino Hirte had his first gig back in 2012 on the legendary lena floor at Magdalena Club Berlin. Here it was, where he met deKai for the first time and they played directly a straight 3 hour set together. An experience that really flashed him and made him hungry for more. Since than he came around in lot of Berlins Clubs, like M.I.K.Z. or AREA 61. So, it is no wonder, that deKai signed him right away to his new label Ragnorök.

His inspiration is Lino getting from sets by artists like Kane Roth, F.I.E.L.D.Y, Joel Mull or Ben Klock and of course the influence of his friends and DJs he meet. Which explains his dark, forcing and trippy sound. The first record he ever bought was the God Bless The Freaks EP by Rene Bourgeois, which was a long way to the most current one he bought, Petter B.’s Accent Pattern EP.

For the future he wants to dj as much as possible. So, if you get the chance to go to on one of his gigs and you dance to his forcing set, don´t forget to say hello from us!

– Larry